The Jewellers and Silversmiths Network (JSN) is a group run by its members for its members with the aim of getting to know other makers.  As members we enable the group to take advantage of or create opportunities that would not be available to us as individuals.  We are a group that regularly exchanges useful information and skills and exhibits as a group allowing people to appreciate and purchase our work.

Our members are professional jewellers or silversmiths with a high standard and quality of work, who are willing to regularly attend meetings and are willing to engage with the group and contribute to its growth and development.  This can mean anything from buying refreshments for a meeting or contributing to a meeting to running a course for the benefit of the group.

Meetings are once a month and held at the Farnham Maltings. Usually on the third Thursday of the month.  We also enjoy informal activities held on an ad hoc basis organised by individual members such as sketching outings and visits to the pub.

A list of our current members and their websites:

Lindsey Mann

Ruta Brown

Clare Ransom

Rebecca Skeels

Alex Maryon-Davis

Jenefer Ham

Poppy Porter

Liz Hancock

Clare Stiles

Sarah Broadhead-Rhiall

Sue Shaw

Will Odell

Janet Richardson


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